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Besides traditional Italian pizzas, the menu features some of Thailand‘s iconic ingredients at their best.  Try Chiang Mai`s Sai-ua sausage pizza, a marriage between delicate Italian ‘fior di latte’ mozzarella cheese and local crispy deep fried pork skin. 

For those classic ‘aficionado’ the menu offers a range of traditional pizzas such as ‘Marinara’, a compromise of simplicity and complexity at the same time.  This is pizza as its purest – just plain tomato sauce, oil on a canvas, oregano and garlic as flourishes. The marvel Margherita always plays her role to perfection, a masterpiece of perfect cooking, the mozzarella (flown in from Campania) will stay gooey all the way till the end. 

Introducing typical Emilia-Romagna region`s specialties, the menu is welcoming ‘Gnocco Fritto & Prosciutto’. Recalling Modenese people`s traditions the deep fried pastry is paired perfectly with Italian cured Parma ham. 

This is the Pizza for the people, ‘Pizza del Popolo’, a flavorful journey in your mouth.



Dine at Pizzaiola and enjoy our curated selection of milkshakes served with homemade gelato or experience the Italian Art of Living with our Aperitivo`s selection..

This must be the place!

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